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Skincare has become complicated. There are a dizzying number of products available on the market and selecting one that suits your skin is not easy as you are constantly bombarded about a particular product that contains the latest ‘must have’ ingredient. Doctors, Dermatologist, Best Friends, Family all tell you different things. It’s all very confusing!

The cosmetic industry is worth billions and well-known companies such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Chanel etc have cornered the market with big budgets and sleek advertising campaigns. Their glitzy packaging, gorgeously scented products and brand identity have seduced even the most savviest of consumer’s. I should know, I was one of them!

But let’s look if you went through what I did too…

  • Did the product make a noticeable difference to your skin?

So, the claims made by the company – did it do exactly ‘what it said on the tin’? For me, it didn’t. What about you? And, how long did the results last for? For me it showed no visible results!

  • Did it look good on my dressing table? Yes, although not sure whom I was trying to impress – my dressing table, my bathroom or my friends! Besides, my friends don’t sneak into my rooms upstairs as I have a downstairs toilet!
  • Did you tell your friends about your purchase or did you keep it a secret? I did and they were indifferent and proceeded to tell me about theirs. What about you?
  • If you didn’t tell them, why? Because you didn’t want them to know the cost or because it was an anti-ageing product?
  • Did the product smell nice? Yes, but it was thickish and absorb into the skin quickly, it had to be massage in. How did you find yours?
  • Was it worth the money? Not really, not for me, I had better results for a short time with another cheaper brand bought in Boots! What about you? Did you try another similar, but cheaper brand name and found it had the same effect?
  • Why did I buy the item? Because…
  • I saw it advertised in a glossy magazine.
  • my best friend/mum/sister/etc uses it and her skin looks fabulous.
  • (big name celebrity) uses it and look at her skin – it’s gorgeous!
  • I’ve always used it since I was 20/30/40….
  • My skin is very sensitive and this works for me…

How many of you can identify with the above? Chances are quite a few! Products, ingredients, advertising campaigns all change with the times as does our skin. The products you use in your 20’s will not suffice for skin in its 50th year. However, maintaining great skin does not have to cost the earth or take time. And, great skin is not simply a matter of DNA.

After 10 years as a Beauty Therapist here’s what I found works. A basic skincare routine that is easy to follow and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. Start with the night routine as sets the tone for the day routine:


A little note on the above routine…

  • You can use a cleanser again in the morning but only you can decide if you want to. However, for many (including myself) I prefer to simply rinse my face in the morning using tepid wate – never hot.
  • The 6th Step is Sun Protection, for daytime only. This has been deliberately left out as it is more important that you get into the habit of the 5 basic steps and start your journey into having great skin.

Establishing a skincare routine is only the first step. Everyone’s skin is unique and needs a bespoke skincare regime. So, how can we help you?

Well, why not book an In-Depth Skincare Consultation, where we can discuss your concerns in confidence, advise on the best products to use, how to use them so that you get the maximum benefit from them and invite you to come to our next Skincare Event.

Once you have established your skincare routine with the recommended products we then proceed to the next step…


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