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Waxing & Electrolysis

We use Perron Rigot Vegan Wax. A consultation will be done before we carry out the patch test.


  • Patch Test | 15m | FREE


  • Full Back 30 min | £35
  • Half Back 25 min | £25
  • Chest 20 min | £25
  • Chest & Stomach 40 min | £30
  • Upper Arms 15 min | £20
  • Underarm 10 min | £15
  • Shoulder 15 min | £20
  • 3/4 Leg 25 min | £35
  • Brow Wax Tidy 10 min | £15
  • Brow Tint & Wax Tidy 30 min | £25
  • Nose Wax 10 min £8
  • Ear Area Wax Tidy 10 min | £8

For waxing descriptions please see below.

About Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a safe, effective, gradual and permanent method of hair removal. It is the only genuine, non-discriminatory, method that can treat any combination of hair colours and skin tone. It is regarded as the only permanent method of hair removal which can also be used alongside other hair removal methods for a comprehensive treatment plan.

Electrolysis can be carried out on any part of the body: face, underarms, arms legs, bikini, intimate area, chest, nipples, back, abdomen, hairline and brow area. With Electrolysis there is no body part that is embarrassing to treat.

To find out a bit more about Electrolysis, your suitability and other general information, please click here.

  • Electrolysis Consultation & Patch Test | 45m | £15

THIS IS MANDTORY. We will not carry out an Electrolysis Treatment without a full consultation and Patch Test. During your consultation we will go through the process of electrolysis and all aspects of the treatment. We will discuss the areas you want treated and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. Once we have completed the consultation and verified your suitability, a patch test treatment will be carried preferably in the area you would like us to treat. A treatment plan will be created depending on the patch test results and appointments scheduled (where applicable).

The patch test fee is non-redeemable nor refundable once the patch test treatment has been carried out.

Electrolysis Treatment Times

  • Treatment Time | 20m | £25
  • Treatment Time | 30m | £35
  • Treatment Time | 40m | £45
  • Treatment Time | 50m | £55
  • Treatment Time | 60m | £65

Electrolysis Course of Treatment

  • Course of 10 Treatments | £315
  • Treatment Time – 30 min per session
  • Attendance Time – Every 5 days


Lash & Brow

Please see under Beauty Clinic – LASH & BROW BAR.


For Facials & Aesthetic Treatments see under Skin Clinic and Injectables.

Manicure & Pedicure

Please see the information provided under Maria’s Nails & Beauty.

Men’s Waxing Descriptions

  • Chest: The Thoracic area ending just above the abdomen.
  • Abdomen: Below the Thoracic ending just around the navel – just above the pelvic area.
  • Half Back: The Upper Dorsal area only
  • Full Back: The Dorsal & Upper Lumbar area.
  • ¾ Leg Wax: Starts mid-Thigh and includes feet.
  • Shoulder: Above the Upper Dorsal but below the neck – the top area only.
  • Nose: The visible nasal hair – immediately inside the edge of the nose.
  • Ear: The hair growing on the external rim of the ear.
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If you know which treatment you would like please click on the button and select your treatment. If you are unsure and would like advice or have a query, please call the salon 01628788972.