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To find out more about what the different descriptions, please see below.

Patch Test & Consultation* | 15m | Free

For Lash & Brow Tinting, Lash Lift, Brow Lamination & Lash Extensions only.

As products differ from salon to salon you will be required to have a Patch Test done at our salon. THIS IS MANDATORY AND MUST BE DONE 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT.

You only need to have the Patch Test done once unless there is a change in your circumstance that you think may affect your having the treatment or we have changed our product.

PLEASE NOTE: It is incumbent upon you (without exception) to let the Therapist know of any change of circumstance before booking your treatment so that a new patch test can be carried out.

Treatment Prices

  • Consultation & Patch Test
  • 15m
  • Free

For Lash, Brows, Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Only. This is mandatory and must be done 24 hours before your booked appointment. For Lash Extensions see below

  • Brow Wax Shape
  • 20 min
  • £18

(Bespoke shape to suit you)

  • Signature Brows
  • 30m
  • £25

(Brows are tinted & given a bespoke shape)

  • Signature Lash & Brow Treatment
  • 50m
  • £38

(Lash & Brows are tinted & Brows given a bespoke shape)

  • Brow Tint Only
  • 15m
  • £12

(We tailor the colour to suit you)

  • Lash Tint Only
  • 15m
  • £15

(Black Tint only unless you requested otherwise)

  • Lash Lift & Tint
  • 75m
  • £50

(Tint is included but can be optional)

  • Lash Lift & Brow Wax Shape
  • 75m
  • £65

(As for Lash Lift but includes Brow Shape)

  • Lash Lift & Brow Tint & Wax Shape
  • 85m
  • £75

(As for Lash Lift but includes Brow Tint & Shape)

  • Brow Lamination
  • 60m
  • £55

(Brow tint is optional)

  • Brow Lamination & Lash Tint
  • 75m
  • £75

(Brow tint is optional)

  • Brow Lamination & Lash Lift
  • 1h 45 min
  • £105

(Brow tint is optional)


  • Lash Extensions Patch Test
  • 15 min
  • £10.00*

The Patch Test Fee is redeemable against the treatment when booked WITHIN 2 WEEKS of the Patch test.

  • Classic Lashes
  • 1h 30 min
  • £60
  • Classic Lashes Infill
  • 1h
  • £45
  • Hybrid Lashes – Full Lashes but not extra Volume
  • 1h 30 min
  • £70
  • Hybrid Lashes Infills (less than 3 weeks)
  • 1h 30 </min
  • £55
  • Mega Volume Lashes
  • 3 hours
  • £80
  • Mega Volume Lash Infills (less than 3 weeks)
  • 2h
  • £65
  • Wispy & Wet Lashes (M, L Curl)
  • Select from the following colours: Chocolate | Green | Purple
  • £8+

About Lash & Brow Shape & Tint

We use Vegan Wax and Vegan Tints. Applying our own unique bespoke step by step treatment procedure we give your lashes & brows the wow factor Every client receives a bespoke treatment and we combine different tints to create a unique colour that is just right for you. Why? Because when it comes to brows and lashes, there is no such thing as one size that fits all!

About Lash Lift

Lash Lift Treatment is ideal for anyone with straight natural lashes who just wants to enhance their appearance by giving them a longer & fuller look with a more defined overall effect. Lash Lift gives you beautifully curled lashes without lash extensions. The treatment is bespoke, as everyone’s lashes differ and the Therapist will discuss the look you would like to achieve. The dramatic effect will last for 6-8 weeks!

About Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination delicately and accurately realigns the brow hairs into a perfect shape and style using a specific fixing product. It is ideal for brows that have stray, unruly, minimal, gaps or over plucked as it creates an illusion of symmetry & fullness. The brow hair is tinted & wax shaped to add definition & accentuate the effect. The effect will last for 6/8 weeks. The treatment is bespoke and tinting is optional.

About Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions are the perfect way to enhance your natural lashes. Lash extension is the application of an individual lash to one natural lash to create a set of longer and thicker lash.  Lash extensions are tailored to the clients individual needs and provide a natural or a fuller dramatic look depending on the look you want to achieve. There are a variety of curls, lengths, and thicknesses to choose from and Oxana will help you decide the best look for you.

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If you know which treatment you would like please click on the button and select your treatment. If you are unsure and would like advice or have a query, please call the salon 01628788972.